PortuGALs – Cascais

15 Oct

When we were planning our trip, everyone kept saying you HAVE to go to the Algarve, it is the most beautiful beach area in the world. You just HAVE to!! Well, we didn’t.

Instead we chose to go to a beach town close to Lisbon so that later on in our trip we could go up north to the Duoro wine region.  Cascais is a beach town about 45 minutes by train (gosh I just love the Portuguese train system) that in recent years has become more popular with tourists.  Among the hotel options are larger resorts, hostels which Emily described as, “4 year old bedrooms rented out by families,” and a few boutique hotels. For boutique hotels I love searching Tablet’s inventory of gorgeous design hotels, click here to become a member.

I came across the Farol Design Hotel and I began pressuring Emily to stay there thrice daily. I knew the hotel was perfect for a mid-trip indulgence since it was right on the water with a slick design and filled with amenities, the only problem was it was a bit pricey.  When Emily finally relented I realized I had made a mistake and given her a rate that was only for two or more stays, when we were only going to be there for one night. Crushed I decided to email the hotel and see what I could do. After I begged the manager to let us stay there for a reduced rate because “we are two American girls looking to have fun”, (literally that is what I wrote) he relented and we stayed there on the cheap!

Once we arrived at the hotel I realized I would have given my left foot to stay there, it was so gorgeous. We basically laid out by the pool all day, playing scrabble and working on our tans.

View of Cascais from the Farol pool

Man fishing on the rocks, right off Farol pool

Scrabble and cocktails by the pool

Farol pool at dusk

After our day of basically doing nothing, we decided to head into town for dinner. There was a free outdoor music festival going on and after dinner we listened a popular Brazilian band perform. The best part of the trip into town was our stop at the famous Santini gelateria that our friend Victor from Lisbon gave us the “scoop” on. So many delicious flavors it was hard to make a decision that when I finally ordered I just asked the server to make a recommendation, he gave me raspberry and honeydew, so delicious!

Enjoying our gelato

All in all Cascais was an amazing stop, mostly because the Farol was insane and my skin turned the color of burnt cinnamon ice cream. As my sister always says, “tanning is the only currency on vacation” and I thoroughly ascribe to that mantra.  I would highly recommend stopping in Cascais if you only have a week in Portugal as we did and you want to get a little beach time in. Stay tuned for part 3 of our trip!

Part 1 – Lisbon and Sintra

Part 3 – Douro Valley


4 Responses to “PortuGALs – Cascais”

  1. hot sauce October 18, 2010 at 5:01 pm #

    how did you manage to travel back into time to take pictures in the late 70’s/early 80’s?

    • niffyspector October 18, 2010 at 5:49 pm #

      I’ll never reveal how we time traveled, it is a well guarded Portuguese secret. But we did use the Hipstamatic app on the iphone to take all our photos from the trip.


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