LA: Santa Monica

12 Apr

One of my best friends from college recently wanted to go away together for a few days, and on a whim I suggested LA. I had never been and I thought a ladies weekend was the perfect excuse to see the sights, visit friends and leave behind the gloomy east coast weather.

View of Santa Monica Pier from the beach

Palm tree lined streets in Santa Monica

I flew into LAX filled with excitement…what celebrities was I going to see? How many times was I going to go shop at Kitson? Would I get a boob job? The possibilities were endless!

Although I came back with all my original parts, my trip did not disappoint thanks to some great recommendations by friends.

We stayed at the Oceana in Santa Monica, a hotel I had initially read good things about on Cup of Jo, and luckily snagged a great deal on Jetsetter.  I loved the hotel, the staff was so attentive and friendly, the location was across the street from the beach and easy walking distance to many shops and cafes in the area.

As a city girl, driving everywhere took some adjusting, and I enjoyed staying in Santa Monica because it was walkable and we didn’t need to valet our car just to get a coffee (or in my case an orange juice.)

Coras Coffees Shoppe on Ocean Ave in Santa Monica

We luckily had great weather and enjoyed hanging out on the beach in Santa Monica and pretending to be a kid again on the pier. I had an odd freakout on the ferris wheel, those things move so fast and there are no seat belts! Luckily I calmed down and enjoyed the ride. I’m so LA mellow…

Paddle surfer in the distance

Ferris wheel on Santa Monica Pier

It’s hard not to want to be active when the weather is sunny, 80 degrees and there are so many outdoor resources at your disposal. One thing I kept noticing was that the LA women worked out with their hair down, just in case they ran into a casting agent or producer during their morning jog.

I didn’t just observe other people exercising – as is my norm – I also went on a nice bike ride on the beach. The hotel provided beach cruisers and it was a great way to scoot up the coast line and check out the beach front property.

Obviously I wore my hair down to fit in.

Bikes from the Oceana

Stay tuned for more LA fun in Venice and Hollywood!


2 Responses to “LA: Santa Monica”

  1. Elizabeth Spector April 13, 2011 at 2:07 pm #

    where are the pics of you and L?! your avid readers want to see you frolicking with your hair down!

    • niffyspector April 13, 2011 at 4:10 pm #

      L did not partake in the bike ride, therefore, no one to take pic of me!

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