LA: Venice

20 Apr

When I move to LA to help manage the career of my very talented and funny friend Jeni, I want to live in Venice. The neighborhood is quirky, relaxed and generally a good time.

Welcome to Venice

The dogs are cooler here

Drinks at the Other Room with Lea and our Venice guide, Becca

My trip to LA was book-ended by time spent in Venice. On the fist day in LA, we went cruising up and down Abbot Kinney Blvd and popping in and out of different boutiques. I recommend:

  • Undrest (beachwear store with cool accessories)
  • Heist (lots of Isabel Marant, Vanessa Bruno and other french lables)
  • Brown’s Hardware (no website, but just the girliest home goods store imaginable.)

Multicolored stemware from Brown's Hardware

One of the highlights of my time in Venice was Lemonade, a health food style cafeteria with delicious sweets and treats. I know what you are thinking, ugh, you went to LA and ate all this health food shit…you probably got a feather hair extension too, where is your East Coast grit?!?!

I’m still quite gritty, but the food at Lemonade was just damn good. You can choose to sample multiple different “salads”, the curry roasted cauliflower and the spaghetti squash were both memorable enough that I had them on two separate occasions. Lemonade’s specialty is, no surprise, their lemonade and I highly suggest getting the blueberry or cucumber mint, you will not be disappointed.

Lemonade, a cafeteria in the GOOP tradition

Giant salted caramel macaron, a must!

After our day of walking around and eating, we went to dinner at Gjelina, a tasty local favorite. Gjelina had kale on the menu and I liked it…don’t judge me! The truth is I also ate meatballs, but the healthy food in LA was so easy to love and super tasty.

Oftentimes I associate health with cardboard, but my trip out West made me realize that sauteing pancetta in everything is not the only way to maximize flavor, although it doesn’t hurt. I wish more local eateries in DC had healthy, delicious options that were as inventive and yummy as what I found in LA. Ok enough of my rant…

On our last day we stopped by Venice beach on the way to the airport to check out the beach, watch the sunset (and eat more Lemonade). The beach in Venice was very different from the beach in Santa Monica – Graffiti! Skaters! Drum Circles! Fresh Kettle Corn!

Sk8r bois

Can you find my tag?

Lea was playing the tambourine

Bye Venice!

I can’t wait to go back to Venice, hurry up and get famous Jeni!


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