LA: Hollywood

22 Apr

Eventually we had to venture away from the beaches and go into Hollywood to meet friends and to receive my star on the walk of fame. By star on the walk of fame I mean try In-N-Out burger but you get the gist.

Our ride for the week, redhead not included.

I was worried about driving so much because everyone told us how horrendous the traffic would be and that we would be stuck on La Brea or Olympic every time we ventured into the city. Luckily our hotel was right by the PCH and so we were able to drive up the coast easily and into other parts of town without being mired in a permanent traffic jam*

*This is all a lie to demonstrate how I memorized a few street names and am such a good driver. In reality I never did any of the driving and we found ourselves in a fair amount of traffic.

LA certainly is a driving town and we decided to splurge on a shiny red mustang that the woman at the car rental referred to as “lil’ red,” incidentally the same moniker we used to refer to Jared, pictured above.

We tooled around town in lil’ red checking out vintage shops, flea markets, trendy restaurants and yummy cafes. Hanging out in Hollywood made me feel like I was really “doing LA” at least while I was waiting in line at Coffee Bean.

Some highlights of our time in Hollywood include:

  • Baked goods for breakfast at Joan’s on Third, the inspiration for Meryl Streep’s bakery in It’s Complicated
  • Vintage shopping on Melrose and the Fairfax flea market
  • Classic margherita at Pizzeria Mozza
  • Sweets from the patisserie at The Bazaar
  • Dinner at El Coyote, which according to a source is the go-to spot for Justin Bobby
  • Finally trying In-N-Out burger, animal style of course
  • Hanging out with our friends Jared and Jeni!

Pretzel croissant, homemade poptart and fresh OJ from Joan's

Impressive selection of Jellies and other Coachella-esque accessories at American Rag

LA gear at the Fairfax flea market

Bon bons from Jose Andres' Bazaar at the SLS hotel


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