Best of Summer So Far

18 Jul

This is my obligatory – I-haven’t-posted-in-awhile-sorry-you-guys-I-have-just-been-sooooooooooooooo-busy post.

But in all honesty I was quite swamped and have missed the creative outlet this blog has given me. Plus I am feeling terribly guilty for breaking my New Year’s resolution to post once a week, I guess quitting reading Perez Hilton still remains my most dominant resolution.

Oh well, can’t win them all! Without further ado, here are some highlights from my summer thus far…

I turned 25…

Pregaming with some crabs from the Wharf

Joint birthday celebration with Nick at American Ice Company

All you can eat and drink birthday brunch at Masa 14

Cape Cod for 4th of July

Enjoying some sun before the start of a weekend long Olympiad

A trip to the Squire is a must

Football with Buckley, the weekend’s mascot

Catching a Chatham A's game

Bastille Day at L’Enfant

Nothing commemorates storming the Bastille like a fire dancer!

Masquerade dance party with Andrea and Beck

Already the summer is half over, but I still have a few things on my summer bucket list:

  • Seeing an outdoor movie
  • Attending a summer music festival (heading to Outside Lands in August)
  • Going to an Nationals game
  • Checking out my sister’s stomping grounds in Brooklyn
  • Eating at Graffiato
  • Finding a Summer book I really enjoy
  • Grilling everything I can get my hands on

I feel so much better now that I am caught up, thanks for reading!


One Response to “Best of Summer So Far”

  1. Beck July 19, 2011 at 2:35 pm #

    1. Wonderful post! It has been too long!
    2. Thanks for the celebrity shout-out
    3. I would be honored to accompany you and any short-haired, high-socked boy you can find to Graffiato, but only if I can bring the girl with the flaming hula hoop
    4. Read Confederacy of Dunces if you haven’t already.

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