Line ’em up

24 Oct

Fall screams several things to me – among them are hot toddy time and boot weather.

Click the boots for more info

As a tall and big-footed woman (do I sound sexy?) footwear has always stymied me. In heels I am a giant and even in the cutest flats I can look like Sasquatch. However boots have somehow transcended these issues and are my favorite shoe to shod myself in. Luckily after years of cultivation my boot wardrobe is full – I have knee highs, to the knee, shorties and booties – but I rounded up a few potential booties for my sister and I thought others might enjoy as well.

One person I know who will hate these shoes is my friend Lea, who is always chiding me for loving a chunky heel. Lea I can’t help it, they are more comfortable! Hopefully you can look past the chunk and see these shoes for what they are – overpriced, mildly comfortable, and perfect for fall. See below on where to purchase.

Rachel comey boots
$403 –

J crew shoes
$198 –

Belstaff leather shoes
$550 –

Rag & Bone mid heels
$495 –

Belle Sigerson Morrison bronze boots
$350 –

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