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Kaiser Karl’s Clog Clusterfuck

13 Aug

Excuse my language but I have had enough! Clogs people? Really? This is a bad idea and I cannot sit idly by and watch retailer after retailer recommend that I buy into this fall’s biggest footwear trend.

Everywhere you turn clogs are being heralded as the shoe of the season and it is time someone stood up and declared that the Emperor is barefoot! Wake up people, you do not want to look like a strung out milkmaid! I understand that Chanel showed them for Spring 2010 and what Chanel does must be exalted throughout the fashion world.

Images from Chanel Spring 2010 RTW from style.com

But I thought by the time Fall rolled around we would have laughed at our silly Spring ways, but the phenomenon has gathered steam and it must be stopped. I have had a personal history with clogs, and once down that road I swore I would never go back again. As a freshman in high school I wore pony haired cow printed clogs similar to these bad boys:

And I wondered at the time why I did not have a boyfriend..

So I have made that mistake, granted I took it to an extreme, and I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I did.

I know what you are thinking, gosh those shoes are so ugly…but then I ask you, are they uglier than these shoes that net-a-porter, bergdorfs and piperlime are shilling???

1. Hooves 2. Conceal the clog with shearling 3. Really? Boot clogs? 4. A slingback lightens the silhouette!

The obvious answer is yes, the pony hair are worse, but barely when you consider how much these high priced Chanel-derivative clogs cost. What I think is particularly amusing about the clog trend is that these are wooden Crocs!

How can plastic clogs be defamed but wooden Crocs be embraced? Because Karl Lagerfeld said so. Your move Mario Batali.

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