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Oscars Roundup: All the Gossip Minus Any Mention of Who Won

29 Feb

I look forward to the Oscars all year, and this year I would have rather had a colonic, I’m not kidding.

Mon dieu, this is what it's like at the Oscars?

Suffice to say this was the worst Oscars in history, from the clothes, the host, the films nominated and most certainly that weird Cirque du Soleil performance, this show stunk. So let’s not even bother talking about it any more, it gives me heartburn. Let’s move onto the Vanity Fair party because that’s where all the action was.

So that's where they have been hiding the glamour!

You have to fling the bird past those blocks, then blow it up

So then I said, let's call my alter ego Dick

One of these is not like the others (funny)

One of these is not like the others (talented)

"I didn't think that bitch Meryl Streep deserved it either!"

"Man I told you Tower Heist was a bad idea but you wouldn't listen"

Still waiting to solve that man or Muppet conundrum...

"Who's ready for me to host next year?"

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