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This Is Why I’m Hot

25 Jul

It is quite warm in DC and over the past few days there has been little respite from soaring temperatures. For the most part I have stayed indoors except when I have had to go outside for necessities, ie food.

Graffiti artist creating a mural in the middle of the DC Dance Festival in Chinatown

The rising mercury has made me a smidge cranky and I have adapted MIM’s classic song “This is Why I’m Hot” to vent:

I’m hot cause I went to the movies to see Friends with Benefits to cool off and the theater was boiling hot and the movie sucked

I’m hot cause a busboy projectile sweated on me at Stoney’s and he smelled funky

I’m hot cause I spent an hour at the Dupont Farmer’s market looking for the perfect eggplant for my mom’s eggplant parmesan recipe

This is why, this is why, this is why I’m hot!

I’m also hot because after the movie yesterday I came upon an impromptu rap concert by Doug E. Fresh as part of the DC Dance Festival in Chinatown.

Doug E. Fresh

Although it was over 100 degrees, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to sweat it out with my fellow Washingtonians and dance to some classic hip hop.  This little guy was dancing right next to me…his wave at the end was well worth the heat!

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