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The September Issue

27 Jun

I am so excited for The September Issue to come out!

Recently it seems that vogue has been on a bit of decline, and jezebel wrote an interesting piece about the five potential reasons the mag is on the decline:

1. The recession? Though Elle is in the lead — and In Style is doing well — ad pages at those publications are likewise down. Companies aren’t spending money like they used to.

2. The zeitgeist? While people are still interested in fashion, it’s no longer cool to be all bling-bling and logo-covered. Perhaps attitudes have changed? Accessible clothes — Project Runway, guest designers at H&M — still pique people’s interests, but what Vogue calls “aspirational” can often feel like a cruel fantasy.

3. It’s stale? Vogue will never die. But maybe it needs resuscitating? A fresh polish on a brand losing luster? Is there a way to restore the enchantment, the magic that Vogue was capable of? Hint: This is not the way.

4. Anna Wintour? The high-profile EIC of Vogue stars in a documentary that may be less than flattering, and recently called fat people in Minnesota little houses. And despite recent covers with Michelle Obama and Beyoncé, there was a time when, for issue after issue, there were no black models on the magazine’s pages. Zero. When does your asset become a liability?

5. The Internet? With sites like The Cut, The Sartorialist, Style.com, Fatshionista, StreetPeeper, Refinery29 and so on, it’s possible to be interested in fashion and find out about all kinds of runway shows, trends and designers without the narrow point-of-view Vogue offers. In a lightning-fast, interactive way. Like we always say, when in doubt, blame this Web 2.0 thing people are always talking about.

Personally I subscribe to vogue and look forward to its arrival every month, although i am usually disappointed. I think that the magazine has gotten a bit stale and is certainly out of touch, especially when it tries to be recession friendly (ride your $500 bike with a $900 leather basket to the organic market). However, at the end of the day Vogue is about beautiful works of art and no other mainstream magazine showcases fashion the way that Vogue does. The fact that there is such interest in the magazine, its editor despite the decline in ad sales demonstrates the power of Vogue, and its place at the center of fashion no matter the economic or fashion climate.

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